Tyler Sykes

Tyler’s musical journey began at the age of 17 when he started learning how to play the piano.   One Sunday at church, he was watching his close friend lead worship from the piano, and at that moment he knew he wanted to learn how to play.  “I literally had this crazy urge to play the piano that was never there before.”  He couldn’t find anyone to teach him until his mom introduced him to a friend who would give him basic chords, and from there he began to develop his passion. 


Fast forward to 23 years old when Tyler received a phone call from a pastor in Oregon who offered him a position as a music director at a startup church.  He eagerly accepted, but had no idea what he was getting himself into.  He would fill the shoes of Jerry Harris (music director for Israel Houghton) with no previous experience.   “I just remember struggling, because the choir members and worship team had been used to a professional touring musician.  I was just an amateur that loved music and wanted to take it to the next level.”   It was a year and half of ups and downs, bumps and bruises, and extreme growth.   He met a bunch of amazing local musicians who would help him grow as a pianist.


Tyler eventually decided to move to Los Angeles where he would join Hollywood Pop Academy and make some great connections.   He met Chase Thompson, front man for Night Argent, which would eventually lead to collaborations and band opportunities beyond the academy.   Tyler would go on to play for Shai, Tevin Campbell, and Midnight Star.   He would also meet some amazing church musicians (Kyle Davis, Charles Jones, Jon DeCuir), and continue to hone his craft. 


Tyler has spent the last couple of years recording, developing his sound, and growing as a singer and songwriter.   “There was still a lot of growth that needed to happen, and recording everyday over the last couple of years has helped me tremendously.  I could explore what worked for me, and throw away what didn’t.”


He is set to release a pop/rock EP and a full length R&B album this year.  

There is plenty more to come.