As I was practicing and working on my vocals last night, I came to the conclusion that I was a lazy singer.  I’ve grown quite a bit simply by recording a ton of hours in the studio.  It has been great to see the progress, but I have not reached my full potential.


I came to this realization last night while I was taking a new approach to how I train my voice.  You begin to notice your flaws when you spend a lot of time recording.  I’ve found that my pitch falls off at the end of my vibrato, my timing is shaky on certain songs, and my pitch overall suffers at times, because I’m not using good enough mechanics. 


I decided to take a different approach to the next song I record.  I began to break down the melody and focus solely on how I sing a phrase, my pitch, timing, and how my vibrato lays in the timing.   I spent about 45 minutes just on the first part of the first verse.   I didn’t move on until I could consistently sing the phrases on pitch with good timing & feeling.   It began to be all about the quality of the practice session and not about how much I could get through.  If I don’t correct these issues with good practice habits, then I can record until I’m blue in the face and it will still end in frustration.


Now, my whole point is that I realized that I was lazy by putting in the time working on my craft.   I realized what I WASN’T doing and needed to change.  I would not have come across that self-discovery if I wasn’t in the trenches really working on my craft.   


I encourage you to spend time in whatever you’re passionate about.  I make it a point to do something musical every single day; even if it’s only for fifteen minutes.   Put in the time and you will begin to discover new things about yourself.