Maturity and Perspective

As I was talking with my wife on some of her troubles at work, it really got me to thinking about the topic of taking a step outside of yourself to determine what’s really going on and what are the next steps to change your situation.


Have you ever been in a situation where you began to look at everything that was wrong with your job and how you began to resent it?  You get around coworkers who are your friends and you begin to complain about every little thing.  From situations, to work load, to miscommunication, to the people, and you just are tired of it all.  You begin to talk yourself into not wanting to be there anymore and you are over it.  


I think everyone of us have been there.   The problem is that we fail to realize while we are in the storm, that not one particular company or situation will be perfect.  You think it will be different if you move on, but ultimately you will be faced with similar situations again and again.   I think the problem is that we get caught up in our emotions.  We can’t think logically about the situation, because we are in the middle of it.   We have to come to a place where we understand that there will always be things about the job, personalities of different people, etc that will be tough.   The beauty of it is that we become multi-faceted at handling different situations and people.  We actually reap the blessing of learning how to navigate through the difficulty.  It helps to grow our maturity levels. 


Now, I know that this isn’t totally the case for every situation and sometimes there are just toxic environments that you have to remove yourself from.   I’m speaking generally on the topic and if we take a step back to analyze the situation, we can make a better decision. 


Sometimes you have to ask yourself, am I really happy?  Is this something I really want to do?   Can I really invest my life in my current career?  Am I just complaining or is there a legitimate reason of why I’m feeling this way.   Sometimes you will find that your job isn’t really all that bad.  Sometimes you will find that you do enjoy a lot of aspects of your job.   Sometimes you just might need a break and turn your focus on how far you’ve come, and where you are headed.


I hope this encourages someone if they are at that place in their job or career.