You Say It’s Over


Once a ray of light

Now casts a shadow

Love lying barren

In blood from the battle

No longer bringing life

No joy here and after

You chose the war

Forgetting what matters


You say it's over

You tell me uve moved on

You say it's over

Love is not here anymore

And now that it's over

Im realizing the truth

That I'm not over you


How could I not see

The signs of unhappy

The bitter fighting peace

Love starting to grieve

Once in harmony

Is now off key

What could I have done

To change the outcome


I took the risk

Left myself open

To love without limits

To heal what's been broken

Now I'm left alone

With only my thoughts

Torn beat and broken

From a war I didn't start

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Can't get you out of my head

I've been trying but I just can't shake it

Can't get you out of my head

We were reckless but I don't regret it


We were fighting then making up

Cussin then making love

We had passion but it wasn't enough

It wasn't enough


Our relationship was rocky at best

We had Moments of love

But we were good at creating a mess

It's like we loved the drama

Explosive behavior

That only lead to the arguments

But as much as we hated it

We were connected


How did we ever end up together

It was so frantic romancing the devil

When I look back more than ever

We were caught in excitement

The lows and the highs it

Took us to places we've never been

How long could it last

To us didn't matter


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